Why refer to 360

Our service exists to enhance primary healthcare and keep people out of hospital.


We have over 300 health professionals who have spent decades collaboratively developing and implementing care pathways that support the whole community in adopting long-term healthier, more active lifestyles.

The core of our model focuses on primary healthcare interventions that place GPs at the centre of care, supported with both clinical and non-clinical care coordination.

With the breadth of services and programs we offer we can provide you with one place to send all your patients where you know they will be cared for as well as you care for them yourself.

We're better for your patients


ForGPs1-(2).png Integrated Care Model

Correct triaging, coordination and communication helps ensure longterm health. For patients without a regular GP we will find one for them.

ForGPs2.png Multidisciplinary teams

Our breadth of services and partnerships means we can find whole solutions and coordinate care for simpler, smoother health care.

ForGPs3.png Modern, professional and timely service

​We are fully accredited and run by experienced health professionals, with accessible and timely services that reflect positively on your business

ForGPs4.png Social enterprise model

Your patients will feel good knowing that any surplus we make from any fees we charge are reinvested back into community initiatives.

We're better for your practice


ForGPs5.png Refer easily with less paperwork

Simple, primarily electronic referral pathways save admin time and effort, allowing for quicker turnaround of patients.

ForGPs6.png Care coordinated back to you

Your patients’ health results are delivered directly back to you, ensuring continuity of care and patient retention. 

ForGPs7.png Our model enhances primary care

Our aim is to keep people out of hospitals, with all our services existing to fulfill this aim and benefit primary healthcare. 

ForGPs8.png Reputation enhancing

Our breadth of services, ease of accessibility and professionalism reflect positively on you, the GP who directed the patient to us. 

A full referral and service pack is available - please contact our GP Partnership team if you would like to receive one, or have a team member visit your practice.