Mind Care services for mental health
Mind Care services for mental health
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Condition Support services for chronic conditions
Condition Support services for chronic conditions
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Healthy Living services for healthier lifestyles
Healthy Living services for healthier lifestyles
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Street Doctor for Mobile GP & Outreach Services
Street Doctor for Mobile GP & Outreach Services
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NDIS Support Coordination
NDIS Support Coordination
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How can we help you?


Our team of allied and mental health clinicians connect body, mind and lifestyle to deliver services for all-round health.  

Why choose 360?

At 360 we use any profits we make to help deliver free and low cost services to people across WA who need them most.

These services currently include over 80 programs addressing a range of health and social issues, such as 360 Street Doctor, a mobile GP clinic which provides free services to people who are homeless, Partners in Recovery, a service to support those with severe mental health issues and the Healthy Lifestyle Program, helping those at high risk of developing chronic disease.

By choosing to use 360's services, you are choosing to help make a difference in the lives of West Australians who need a hand. Join us and let's make WA better all round.


Your generosity will help us provide health to those who most need it.


360 run a variety of free and low cost health services all across the state, like 360 Street Doctor - our mobile GP clinic, headspace centres offering free counselling for young people in Rockingham and Fremantle and a number of health programs all across the state. We gratefully welcome donations to any one of our services.


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What they say about us

Before I came to 360, I was in the house a lot and wouldn't talk to anyone, but 360 made me feel wanted. I met a lot of people who really helped me. I’m happier and much more positive now. I get out more and socialise, talk to people and meet new people. I think more about the future – it’s a great feeling.


The environment in the exercise group is awesome. They are so encouraging and patient with everyone, of any age and fitness level. By far this has been the most helpful thing we’ve experienced for exercise. We have more energy, we feel happier, we’re more relaxed and we don't feel like there’s as much holding us back. We’ve started to get our lives back.

Olga and Veronica

I used to be in and out of hospital, but now 360 help make appointments with specialists, take me there if I don’t have transport, then let my GP know how I’m improving. I’m exercising a lot more now, I get out of the house, go walking, ride my bike and do the gardening. I feel like I now know what to do to stay healthy, and I feel a lot better.


I first participated in the Partners in Recovery program after suffering for many years with mental health problems that were also affecting my physical and social health. I met with a worker who listened to where I was at and then linked me to a number of other services to help. It didn’t stop there - they continued to support me through meeting with the new services and were able to help advocate (and resolve) for me when I ran into some issues.


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