Creative Expression and Mindfulness

Creative Expression and Mindfulness

What is it?

360’s Creative Expression and Mindfulness workshop provides you with an opportunity to gain an understanding of mindfulness using art and creative writing activities in a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment. The ten weekly sessions are for people who are new to mindfulness and would like to deepen their understanding of the practice. No previous art experience is required.

Who runs the program?

The workshops are run by 360’s mind care team.

How often does it run?

The workshops are held regularly throughout the year. There is currently a program being held at Midland Junction Lotteries House, 39 Helena St, Midland, on Tuesdays from 10am - 12pm, weekly until Tuesday 9th May.

Where is it available?

The workshops are held at our Guildford or Midland office.

Accessing the program

No referral is required to attend these sessions. You can register for the workshops by calling and speaking to a member of our mind care team.


There is no cost to attend the sessions if you have a GP referral. Contact us on 1300 706 922 to confirm costs and possible rebates for eligible clients.