Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training

What is it?

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training is a two-day workshop designed to provide professionals with the skills and knowledge to improve their ability and confidence in working with suicidal people and conducting risk assessments. The workshop is for professionals and para-professionals who come into contact with people who may be suicidal in the course of their work, and who want to increase their understanding of suicidal behaviour and develop strategies for effective intervention. It covers topics such as the understanding and knowledge of suicidal behaviour, understanding self-harm, warning signs, risk assessment and safety planning.

Who runs the program?

The workshops are run by Gatekeeper accredited facilitators.

How often does it run?

The workshops are held regularly throughout the year. Contact us on 1300 706 922 for dates.

Where is it available?

The workshops are held in the Perth north metro area.

Accessing the program

You can register for the workshops by calling and speaking to a member of our mind care team.


Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training costs $150 or $100 for students.