Mind Your Own Thoughts

Mind Your Own Thoughts

What is it?

Mind Your Own Thoughts is a therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety or depression. The group runs for 8 weeks, and involves learning strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to improve your mental health. This includes identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, relaxation, and mindfulness skills.

Who runs the program?

The workshops are run by 360’s mind care team – clinical psychologists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and social workers.

How often does it run?

The group is run regularly throughout the year, with weekly sessions for a period of 8 weeks. Please contact 9960 6800 for the date of the next available group.

Where is it available?

Mind Your Own Thoughts is run at 360’s Geraldton office.

Accessing the program

A GP referral is required to attend the group.


There is no cost to attend the Mind Your Own Thoughts group.