Street Doctor

Street Doctor

What is it?

Street Doctor is a mobile GP clinic that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless, transient, disadvantaged and marginalised people in the Perth area. It’s an easily accessible, non-judgemental health service that works closely with other community services to promote interest in community health.

Who runs the program?

Street Doctor is staffed by a doctor and a nurse, with outreach workers and a mental health outreach worker providing support to those accessing the clinic services.

How often does it run?

Street Doctor operates 6 days a week, maintaining the same times and locations each week. The clinic operates on a drop in/walk in basis, where waiting times may vary. Appointments times are not allocated.

Where is it available?

Street Doctor sets up at various locations across the Perth metro area. Please see the timetable.

Accessing the program

See the timetable below for times and locations. You can attend an appointment just by turning up at the truck during its operation times.


There is no cost to access Street Doctor services.

Day Time Location
Monday 9.30am - 4pm Passages Youth Resource Hub
143 Edward Street, Perth.
Tuesday 9.30am - 1pm Karnany Aboriginal Centre
25 Spring Park Road, Midland.
  5.30pm - 8:30pm Corner Pier and Wellington Streets, Perth.
Wednesday 9.30am - 3pm Ashfield Reserve
2 Colstoun Road, Ashfield.
Thursday 5.30pm - 8:30pm Corner Pier and Wellington streets, Perth.
Friday 9.30am - 3pm Ashfield Reserve
2 Colstoun Road, Ashfield.
Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am Tranby Centre
Aberdeen Street, Perth