Aboriginal Health

We’re committed to reducing the inequality in health and wellbeing outcomes of Aboriginal Australians.


While we have worked hard to ensure all our services are safe and culturally appropriate for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we have developed some services to specifically improve access to health services within Aboriginal communities, particularly those in remote places. These have been designed according to location and currently include:


Care coordination

This is a team approach that allows collaboration of all services to help improve the health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic disease or mental health issues. Supported by a dedicated health professional, each person gains assistance with understanding their condition, identifying their health needs and support to self-manage their condition.

Aboriginal health checks

This program provides a physical, psychological and social wellbeing health assessment every 9 months. This also assesses what preventative health care, education and other assistance should be offered to improve general health and wellbeing. Each health check is tailored to the individual’s needs and delivered with a strong health promotion message.

Aboriginal nurse-led clinics

Our nurse-led clinics offer confidential health assessments and checks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been diagnosed with, or are at risk of contracting, a chronic disease.

Aboriginal outreach

We provide Aboriginal Outreach Workers to make accessing health services easier for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, no matter where they live. These Workers assist people with the arrangement and transport to health care appointments, medication pick-up and delivery and paperwork such as PATS forms, referrals and registrations.

Accessing our services

Accessing our services can depend on the service or program you wish to participate in. Please contact us directly for specific information on each of our services. For eligible participants there are a number of rebates available.

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