GP Services

We provide a number of services to help you access a GP in all situations.

Primary health (GP) treatment remains the most effective way to prevent community health issues and reduce the burden on the hospital system - however GPs have limited resources to deliver the best outcomes.

In recognition of this, we provide services which complement the current primary health care system and currently include:

360 After Hours GP Midland

We currently run an after hours GP clinic in Midland, where people can access medical treatment 365 days a year, including during the evenings and weekends when their regular GP isn’t available.  Click here to view details.

360 StreetDoctor

This is a mobile, confidential and non-discriminatory bulk-billing service that aims to improve patient health and reduce hospitalisation for marginalised people of all ages.

360 StreetDoctor attends several sites around central Perth and the eastern suburbs, providing all the services of a conventional practice.

Click here to view information, times and locations for 360 StreetDoctor.