Healthy Living

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If you’re ready to make a positive, healthy change in your life then we’re ready to help.


Our team of healthy living professionals are available to help you work towards chronic disease prevention, weight loss, eating healthily and optimising your diet and nutrition. We have a range of options to help you achieve your healthy living goals.



Our team of dietitians can assist you to build a diet and nutrition plan, lose weight, eat healthily and plan healthy food and snacks. Click here for more information.

Exercise physiology

Our exercise physiologists will develop personalised exercise plans to get you feeling better all round if you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition or have a history of injury. Click here for more information.


Our podiatrists ensure correct foot health and foot care, which can help with a number of chronic conditions, foot-related conditions and injury. Click here for more information.

Specialist healthy living programs 

We deliver a number of specialist programs to get you on the path to a healthier life.

Healthy Lifestyle program - providing support to manage health and wellbeing if you are at risk, or have been diagnosed with a chronic condition.
Worker's compensation - exercise rehabilitation
Food sensations - a school education program promoting healthy eating

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