Conversations For Life

Conversations For Life

What would you say to someone who could be suicidal?

Most of us have no idea. In fact, most of us wouldn't even know how to recognise the signs that someone might be suicidal and yet, an early conversation is one of the most powerful ways to prevent suicide.

What will you learn?

In three hours you will learn to identify suicide risk factors, approach the person in the correct way, ask the right questions and then take appropriate action. You will also be able to discuss ideas on how to support people experiencing a personal crisis.

When are the sessions?

Sessions run regularly througout the year. Please contact 360's mind care team on 9376 9200 for more information on upcoming sessions.

Who can attend?

The workshops are designed for anyone who, either for professional or personal reasons, want to increase their understanding of suicidal behaviour, risk identification and improve communication skills. There are no prerequisites for attending.

Who runs the sessions?

Conversations for Life is run by a member of 360's mind care team, who is an accredited trainer and a support person.


Conversations for Life is a program developed by Lifeboat.