How can counselling help you?

360’s mindcare counselling programmes can help people with managing issues ranging from stress related to the ups and downs of daily life, to assistance for people who are at risk of developing mild to moderate mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. 

360 are staffed by a variety of mental health professionals with a diverse background of clinical knowledge, including Registered and Clinical Psychologists, Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Credentialed Mental Health Nurses, who can help people to gain an understanding of, and develop strategies to manage symptoms related to, issues such as:

•    Mood disorders such as depression
•    Anxiety and panic
•    Stress and stress-related symptoms
•    Suicidal thoughts
•    Trauma related symptoms
•    Grief and loss
•    Issues related to alcohol and other drug use

360 also have a variety of mental health programs available. Click here to view the full list.


Why choose 360 counselling?

Counselling often forms one part of addressing your mental health concerns. Quite often, an issue such as depression, anxiety or stress can either be caused by, or lead to, physical health issues such as chronic disease. Because of this you may also need the assistance of other health care professionals, such as dietitians to help create a balanced diet, or diabetes educators if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

•    We have a large team of allied health professionals working collaboratively under the one roof, so we can offer you holistic support
•    All our services are subject to ongoing quality improvement processes to make sure they are always delivering the best possible outcomes
•    We communicate all your health plans back to your GP so they can support you in achieving your goals and always understand your full health picture
•    We are a social enterprise, so any payments you make to us are reinvested back into community, health and social initiatives to make our state better all round.

What qualifications do 360 clinical psychologists/psychologists have?

All clinical psychologists and psychologists have professional university qualifications.

How does 360 deliver their counselling services?

All 360 counselling services are delivered one-on-one in a friendly and non-judgemental environment. We also have a range of programs available to help you address specific mental health issues – you can browse our mental health programs here.

How much does a counselling session with 360 cost?

The cost to access our counselling services is dependent on your situation. We offer a range of subsidies for eligible participants, as well as rebates from most major health funds. When you contact us, we will confirm exactly how much you can expect to pay for each session.

Do I need a referral for counselling?

While our counselling services can be accessed by anyone, a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician with a Mental Health Plan attached will enable you to access medicare rebates for sessions.

Where does 360 deliver counselling services?

We have counsellors available all across the state, with specialties that help address specific issues in particular areas: Armadale, Carnarvon, Cockburn, Exmouth, Fremantle, Geraldton, Guildford,  Leda, Mandurah, Medina and Rockingham.