How to be Portion Smart

How to be Portion Smart teaser

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When it comes to losing weight and then keeping it off long term, it all comes down to portion sizes. Here are some ways on how you can practise portion control.

  1. Say no to meal deals and supersizing

    Bigger isn’t always better. Upsizing and opting for value meals mean you get more food for only a small increase in price, but what about the increase in your waistline?

  2. Downsize your plates and bowls

    The size of your plate is one of the biggest factors influencing the amount of food you eat. Eating from a small bowl not only means you’ll eat less, but also seems more satisfying than eating the same amount from a large bowl.

  3. Learn to read food labels

    Pay attention to the serving size suggested for packaged food. It is also important to compare the sugar, fat and sodium content per 100 g to make the healthiest choice. Visit the LiveLighter website for a free label reading card.

  4. Eat mindfully

    It’s easy to overeat when you’re not focusing on your food. Take time to savour the flavours and textures of each mouthful and avoid distractions such as watching television or chatting on the phone! Listening to your body’s hunger cues helps you avoid overeating.

By Savina Rego, Dietitian (APD)
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