Stay healthy this festive season

Stay healthy this festive season teaser
It's the season of indulgence, but that doesn't mean your health has to come second. Follow these simple tips to ensure you don't lose track of your health goals this festive season.

  1. Plan ahead – The festive season is a time of celebration with plenty of food and drink. Don’t deprive yourself of all there is to enjoy, however be sure to plan ahead so you can maintain healthy eating and exercising habits during this busy time. 
  2. Eat breakfast – A festive lunch or dinner is no excuse to skip breakfast. Stick to regular meals, to prevent overeating. 
  3. Portion control – Eating too much food not only sabotages your healthy eating habits, but can also leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Serve up small portions of the food that you will enjoy and avoid eating foods just because they are available. 
  4. Be wise about drinking – Avoid drinking too many sugary drinks, choosing lite or diet options when available. 
  5. Healthy snacks – swap the crisps, chocolate and lollies for healthy options. Try veggie sticks with hummus, lean meat and vegetable kebabs, rice paper rolls, fresh fruit platters, air popped popcorn or frozen Greek yoghurt. Weiz Mango and ice-cream bars – 232kJ (55 cal) per 40 g mini bar
  6. Be alcohol aware – Most people don’t realise how calorific alcohol is. So, three to four drinks can quickly add up to the same amount of kilojoules as a hearty meal. Forget about low carb beer as it usually has just as much alcohol as regular beer which means its high in kilojoules too! Try drinking water between alcoholic beverages to keep hydrated and to prevent drinking too much. The health authorities recommend no more than 2 standard drinks for adults per day.
Rekorderlig Premium Apple Cider – 1005kJ (240 cal) per 500 ml bottle
Gin and Tonic – 460kJ (110 cal) per 150 ml glass

Savina Rego
360 Health + Community
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