Secure Communication

What is secure communication?

  • Patient information that is sent and received between systems, eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • Each document is encrypted and only the intended recipient can decrypt it. 
  • Secure communication servers are located in Australia and are closely monitored to ensure connectivity is maintained.
  • Secure communication is RACGP's preferred method for GP practices to send and receive referrals and other communications.


How do I send a referral?


Why is 360 doing this?

  • In response to RACGP announcement on 22/09/2016 of phasing out fax communication by 2020.
  • 360 Health + Community accept referrals and all other forms of messaging, including letters and care plans, via secure communication and is now our preferred method of communication.
  • We envision secure communication to provide significant improvements to the staff and patient experience, such as shorter wait times, less data entry and minimising risk of incomplete information.


How much will this cost our practice?

  • There is no cost associated with secure communication with 360 Health + Community. 
  • If you choose to extend your use of secure communication to send to other health practitioners and specialists, fees may apply and can be discussed directly with ReferralNet and HealthLink.


Are client clinical documents secure?

  • Yes, asymmetric encryption uses different keys for encryption and decryption.
  • The public key is distributed among the senders and they use the public key to encrypt the message.
  • Acknowledgement receipts are sent for every secure communication received.


How do I get started?

Contact a secure communication provider below


ReferralNet is compliant real-time secure messaging software that enables clinical systems to securely exchange patient information. 
  1. ReferralNet is installed in your practice usually on the server and configured to send and receive. 
  2. Once received, documents are placed into the inbox (or equivalent) for review, actions and filing to patient records.
  3. ReferralNet has a dedicated support team and queries can be submitted through their website (click here) or call 1300 723 938 (Option 2 then 4).


HealthLink is a health-system integrator that enables medical practices to communicate electronically with the rest of the health system. 
  1. ​Healthcare providers become more efficient, and are are able to improve the quality of care they can provide their patients. 
  2. HealthLink has a dedicated support team and support queries can be submitted through their website (click here)  call 1800 125 036 or email


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