Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP)

Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP)

What is it?

If you are at risk of or living with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic renal disease, musculoskeletal conditions or chronic respiratory disease HLP will provide you with the support needed to manage your health and wellbeing. You will learn to improve lifestyle choices to prevent or reduce the progression of chronic disease and learn how to utilise all the community resources available to further reduce your risk. Complementary programs are also accessible to help in making long-term lifestyle changes.

Who runs the program?

HLP is delivered by clinical care coordinators/chronic disease nurses and supported by allied health team (including but not limited to dietitian, diabetes educator, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist and podiatrist)

How often does it run?

HLP consultations are delivered one-on-one, so appointments can be made at any time. Following that clients are provided with the opportunity to attend group programs to support self management of their condition.

Where is it available?

HLP is offered as across several of our locations in the south metro area. If you are unavailable to access the clinic please call us on 1300 706 922 for alternatives in your area.

Accessing the program

HLP is available via GP referral. If you don’t have a GP, please contact us directly. Referral forms can be found under the "Practices" tab on this website.


There is no cost assoicated with the Healthy Lifestyle Program.


The Healthy Lifestyle Program is provided by 360 Health + Community in partnership with the State Government through the Department of Health WA.