Worker's Comp - Exercise Rehabilitation

Worker's Comp - Exercise Rehabilitation

Who runs the program?

Worker's Compensation Exercise Rehabilitation is run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

How often does it run?

The GP will refer a patient to the exercise physiologist regarding an exercise rehabilitation program through their workers compensation treatment. After receiving the referral, the triage team and exercise physiologist contact the insurer case worker to approve an initial assessment. 

Once approved, the initial assessment is booked in and the exercise physiologist will perform exercise assessments to determine an effective tailored exercise treatment plan. 

The assessment includes:
•    Injury and anatomy education
•    Physical examination
•    Clinical testing – range of motion, posture analysis, gait analysis, manual muscle testing, strength testing, endurance testing, flexibility testing and anthropometric measures
•    Identifying exercise barriers
•    Goal Settings 

Once the assessment has been completed, a service delivery plan (SDP) is created by the exercise physiologist determining how many sessions are needed to treat the patient. A in-depth report is sent to the GP and then to the insurer of the findings and outlining the treatment plan with cost involved. Once the SDP has been approved, the exercise physiologist can move ahead with the treatment. 

Where is it available?

Worker's Comp Exercise Rehabilitation is available at our Health Centres in Rockingham, Armadale, Medina,  Fremantle, Guildford, Bentley and Subiaco. 

Accessing the program

Worker's Comp is accessed by GP referral or request by an insurance company.


As per work covers pricing guidelines for travel, report writing and assessments.
$187 for an initial 60 minute assessment if approved.