How can a podiatrist help you?

We don't often pay our feet enough attention, and yet we use them almost every minute of the day. Ensuring correct foot health and foot care can help with a number of conditions, which can all lead to a better quality of life all round:
Foot care for diabetes - 360 offer a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment and screening for newly diagnosed and those with ongoing diabetes. You will receive education and advice on foot care, footwear and be informed on the status and maintenance of your foot health.
Child's development - helping monitor and treat children's foot development
Injuries - including sprains, strains, pain and tendonitis
In-grown toenails
Foot skin conditions - such as calluses and blisters

Why choose a 360 podiatrist?

If you are accessing podiatrist foot care as part of a chronic disease treatment plan for diabetes, arthirits or other chronic conditions you may also need the assistance of other health care professionals, such as exercise physiologists to build you a tailored exercise plan, diabetes educators to give you extra information or dietetians to build a personalised diet and nutrition plan. 
  • We have a large team of allied health professionals working collaboratively under the one roof, so we can offer you holistic support
  • All our services are subject to ongoing quality improvement processes to make sure they are always delivering the best possible outcomes
  • We communicate all your health plans back to your GP so they can support you in achieving your goals and always understand your full health picture

What qualifications do 360 podiatrists have?

All 360 podiatrists are board registered and have completed formal education in podiatry.

Do I need a referral to see a 360 podiatrist?

No - you can self-refer to see one of our podiatrists, however in order to claim a Medicare rebate you will need  GP referral. 

How much does it cost to see a podiatrist?

The cost is dependent on your situation. Contact us on 1300 706 922 to confirm costs and possible rebates for eligible clients.

Where does 360 deliver podiatry services?

We have podiatrists available in Armadale, Fremantle and Rockingham.